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Vegetable Samosa  

Fried Pastry Filled With Potatoes & Green Peas & Spice Served With Sweet & Sour Chutney (2 pieces) 


Vegetable Pakora 

Mixed Vegetables In Batter Served With tamarind Chutney (4 pieces)


Onion Bhaji  

Sliced onion, and spices mixed in chickpea flour batter & deep-fried (4 pieces)


Soup of the day

Please ask our friendly staff for today's soup.


Vegetable Spring Rolls  

Fried Pastry Filled With Veg Served With Sweet Chilli Sauce (7 pieces)


Vegetable Platter  

Samosa (2pcs), Pakora (2pcs), Onion Bhaji (2pcs) And Spring Roll (4pcs)

Full Serve: $22

Half Serve: $16


Tandoori Mushroom  

Fresh mushroom marinated in spices and herbs cooked in tandoor oven served with fresh salad (4 pieces)


Fish Tikka  

Succulent pieces of fish marinated in tandoori masala and cooked in tandoor served with salad(4 pieces)


Indian Mahal Specl. Mixed Grill  

A selection of assortment from our Tandoor

Half: $25

Full: $32

Tandoori Lamb Cutlets  

Juicy lamb cutlets marinated in spices cooked in a tandoor oven.


Tandoori Chicken   

Chicken marinated in yoghurt and selected herbs and spices cooked to perfection in clay oven.

Half: $18

Full: $26

Chicken Tikka  

Tender boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt mixed with spices and herbs cooked to perfection in the tandoori oven with salad (4 pieces)


Garlic Chicken Kebab  

Chicken marinated in a delicious blend of garlic and grilled. (4 pieces)


Seekh Kebab

Minced lamb with ginger, garlic, fresh coriander and freshly ground spices rolled on a skewer and barbecued in the clay oven, served with salad.


Tandoori Prawns  

Prawns marinated overnight in freshly crushed garlic, lemon juice, ginger and tandoori spices cooked in the clay oven


Main Chicken

Butter Chicken  

Boneless pieces cooked then simmered tomato creamy butter sauce


Chicken Korma (mild)

Chicken breast cooked with almonds, cashew nuts and creamy sauce


Mahal Chicken Spicy Curry

(in a Clay Pot) very hot

Boneless chicken cooked with tomato, coconut and special spices


Chicken Madras (Hot)

Chicken cooked with tomato, coconut, mustard seeds and traditional spices


Chicken Traditional Curry ( medium/hot)

Chicken cooked with onions and tomato gravy
-Chef's authentic Indian special


Chilli Chicken (Hot)

Butter fried chicken fillet sauteed with dices capsicum and onion seasoned with soya sauce and chillies


Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt cooked in tandoor then tossed in tomato base sauce with capsicum and onion


Chicken Spinach (Mild)

Boneless chicken cooked in spinach, herbs wild mild sauce


Chicken Vindaloo (Hot)

Goan dish cooked with spices and herbs for the hot taste


Chicken Pepper (medium/hot)

Chicken cooked in Tandoor and tossed in traditional spices served on a sizzler


Chicken Garlic (Mild)

Chicken cooked with garlic and seasonal vegetables and served on a sizzler


Cream Chicken (Medium/hot)

Tender chicken cooked with cream, milk, coconut, almond and cinnamon


Dhaba Chicken (Medium/hot)

Cooked in Tandoor marinated in special mountain style yoghurt, ginger, garlic, tomato paste, lemon juice, homemade spices


Main Lamb

Lamb Rogan Josh (Med/hot)

Tender lamb cooked with spices & yoghurt


Lamb Cutlet Masala medium/hot

BBQ lamb cooked with special Kashmiri masala


Lamb Spinach medium/hot

Tender lamb cooked with spinach and creamy sauce


Lamb Mushroom (Clay Pot) medium/hot

Tender lamb cooked with fresh mushroom and tomatoes


Lamb Madras hot

Tender lamb cooked with coconut homemade special spices Madras style


Creamy Lamb Korma mild

Lamb cooked in cashew nut and creamy mild sauce


Lamb Keema Mutton Curry medium/hot

Tender lamb minced & cooked with green peas


Lamb Vindaloo hot

Hot tender lamb cooked with a touch of Goan vindaloo sauce


Lamb Do Plaza hot

Lamb cooked with tomatoes, spring onion and green peas


Handi Lamb

Tender lamb with authentic Indian spices in Chef's special sauce


Main Beef

Beef Mushroom (Clay Pot) medium/hot

Tender beef cooked with fresh mushroom and tomatoes


Beef Kashmiri mild

Chef's Special


Hot chilli beef 

cooked in Nepali style


Tawa Beef medium

Tender beef cooked with Tandoori Masala


Beef Spinach medium

Tender beef cooked with spinach and creamy sauce


Beef Masala medium/hot

Tender beef cooked with onion, capsicum and tomatoes garnished with boiled eggs


Beef Vindaloo hot

Hot tender beef cooked with a touch of goan Vindaloo sauce


Traditional Beef Curry medium/hot

Authentic special beef curry


Beef Madras hot

Tender beef cooked with coconut and special spices


Beef Pumpkin Masala medium/hot

Beef cooked in onion gravy and fresh pumpkin


Main Seafood

Fish Curry medium/hot

Authentic special fish curry


Fish Curry Kerala medium/hot

Kerala fish curry cooked with coconut, mustard seeds
and curry leaves Kerala style


Prawn Masala medium/hot

King prawns cooked with freshly ground herbs and spices accompanied by flavour of onion and capsicum


Fish Vindaloo hot

Tender fish cooked with a touch of Goan vindaloo sauce


Prawn Vindaloo hot

A delicious goan speciality seasoned with spices, and vinegar cooked with a touch of goan vindaloo sauce


Prawn Curry Kerala medium/hot

Prawn curry cooked with coconut, mustard seeds and curry leaves Kerala style.


Main Vegetarian

Dhal Makhani mild

Lentils with red kidney beans cooked with mild creamy


Potato Spinach medium/hot

Spinach cooked with potatoes


Egg Plant Masala medium

Eggplant, green peas and fresh tomato cooked in ginger, and garlic sauce garnished with coriander


Palak Paneer mild

Golden, fried homemade cottage cheese cooked with spinach, finished with green herbs


Aloo Gobi medium/Hot

Potatoes and cauliflower, stir-fried with spices and tomatoes


Spinach with Lentils medium

Spinach cooked with yellow lentils


Dhal Tadka mild

Yellow lentils cooked with tomatoes


Mixed Vegetable Korma mild

Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in light cashew nut sauce with fruits


Malai Kofta mild

Cheese, potato dumplings mixed with garlic and nuts simmered in light almond sauce.


Pumpkin Masala medium/hot

Butternut pumpkin cooked with onion, tomatoes and vegetable gravy


Mutter Mushroom medium/hot

Green peas cooked with mushrooms in onion and tomato base makhani sauce


Shahi Paneer mild

Home-made cottage cheese simmered in makhani sauce


​Rice & Biriyani

Rice --- $8

Kashmiri Rice --- $10

Coconut Rice  --- $10

Lemon Rice --- $11

Vegetable Pulao  --- $11


veg --- $14

Lamb/Beef -- $16

Seafood --- $18

Special Fried $17


Gulab Jamun --- $9.5

Mango Kulfi --- $10

Pistachio Kulfi --- $10


Lassi --- $7


Naan --- $5.5

Butter Naan --- $6.5

Garlic Naan --- $7

Roti  --- $5.5

Garlic Roti --- $5.5

Paratha --- $8

Aloo Paratha --- $9

 Keera Naan --- $10

Cheese Naan --- $10

Kashmiri Naan --- $10

Masala Kulcha --- $10


Pappadams --- $6.5

Raita --- $7

Achar Chutney --- $6.5


Garden Salads  --- $9

Punjabi Kuchumber  --- $9

Some dishes may contain nuts, dairy and other allergens. Let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

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